Child therapy rooms

When you rent a child therapy room, you no longer have to arrive early, carrying ‘the box’ containing your crayons, paper sheets, games, craft accessories and more.

That’s because each of our child therapy rooms has a wide variety of tools and media to support exploration and verbal and non-verbal expression, as per the principles of play therapy.

Available from $20 an hour at:

Individual, couples and family therapy

Our rooms offer a comfortable setup for individual, couples and family therapy, as well as for various psychological assessments. The same arrangements can be used for peer group supervision, staff meetings, and multi-participant professional discussions.

Available from $20 an hour at:

Office convenience

Each PractiSpace location has convenient parking, a welcoming waiting area, handy kitchen and comfortable restroom. We keep the kitchen and restroom supplied with essentials, and provide coffee and tea for you and your clients. You’re welcome to use the fridge and microwave as well.

The rooms also offer basic office supplies, a multi-charger cable and some locations have free WiFi. There’s private storage space for your personal belongings, equipment, notes and anything else you want to leave behind for your next booking.

More than a room…

We’ve created welcoming, comfortable and professional spaces for you to work with your clients and we’d love to show you the rooms in person.

Please contact us for a tour and to start booking for your practice.
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